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“Our Goal” – “to be the most respected general contracting firm in the industry”.

Our Story

We’re a team of four industry veterans with a passion for construction and entrepreneurship. Between our four founders, we have over 100 years of experience (with more than a few grey hairs to prove it).

We’ve come together as Iron Maple – a one-stop-shop that makes things simple. We want to remove the common pain points for our clients, our colleagues, and our sub-contractors. We believe that in construction end results are important but it’s the experience and process of the project that matters most.

Iron Maple’s history with general contracting provides experience with how any construction can harm the environment, and we take every precaution to keep the environment as our top priority. With our environmentally conscious approach to business and construction, we strive to be paperless, efficient to ensure the protection and longevity of your project.

We’re a people business and quality people create quality projects. Guided by these values, we’re ready to create something great in Atlantic Canada.

What’s important to us

client relationships


Relationships with clients and partners is our greatest asset. Nurturing those past, present and future relationships is key to our success. Our love for our people and subcontractors makes both safety and an enjoyable work culture the primary focus on every job site.


Our safety principles are built around our belief that everybody leaves our project sites just as healthy as when they arrived.

construction safety
meeting schedule

Meeting Schedule

We recognize meeting project milestones is vital to a successful project. At Iron Maple it is paramount to us that your projects are completed on time.

Meeting Budget

We are proud to have earned a reputation of strong financial management of construction projects. We strive every day to bring value for money on all projects we deliver.

meeting construction budgets
quality construction


We’ve built our reputation through experience. To us, quality is measured by the respect and trust we’ve fostered with our clients, subcontractors and the construction community. Quality will always come before profit.


At Iron Maple we adopt technology that brings value to our construction projects by simplifying the process or making it more efficient.



We are constantly striving to make a complicated process simpler and more user friendly for our trade, design and client partners.

Maritime Roots

Our maritime roots have made us genuine, and our national experience has built our confidence and knowledge. Staying connected to our maritime roots is important to us.

maritime roots

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